Residents In Control

Residents confidently taking charge of their home renovation. That is our goal. With that thought in mind the TKI Project ‘Residents in control’ was created.

How will we do this? Together we will contribute to the creation of a programme aimed towards the area and its inhabitants in order to:

  • Introduce and demonstrate new cost-effective solutions in trial houses.
  • Support the residents by developing a decision-making process.
  • We are going to create three demo houses in Eindhoven where the preparation process as well as the creation and monitoring of our renovation products will be demonstrated and optimized. As a consortium, we already placed one heat pump system.
  • This demand driven technical and social approach will accelerate the transition of (preparing) 30.000 – 50.000 existing private houses to operate without natural gas in 2021 (impacting the Netherlands).

Want to know more about this project? Read more on the website of Topsector Energie.

Partners of this project: Alliantie+, Durocan and Bouwhulpgroep.