There are many innovative solutions available for thorough building renovation. These are developed in the market and emerged from recent studies financed by the EU. So, there's no shortage of innovative solutions. The next step is to increase the amount of times a solution can be repeated, and to increase the acceptance level of property owners.

P2ENDURE solves the most important barrier for large-scale implementation of innovative solutions: the lack of solid evidence that such innovative solutions will perform as expected, energetically as well as financially.  P2ENDURE develops the digital infrastructure for large-scale commercial implementation and scaling-up prefab solutions for ‘Nearly Zero Energy Buildings’ (NZEB) renovations.

4M process

P2ENDURE promotes proven innovative solutions for NZEB renovations. These solutions are based on prefab Plug-and-Play (PnP)-systems  combined with Building Information Modelling (BIM).

All of this will be demonstrated and monitored with ten projects in four EU geo clusters. The demonstration projects all follow the 4M process:

  • Mapping: In this stage we look at the condition and performance of the building before the renovation.
  • Modelling: The optimisation of the renovation design.
  • Making: The off-site production and on-site assembly of the Plug & Play systems.
  • Monitoring: In this stage the process and final performance after the renovation are monitored.


P2ENDURE wishes to accomplish the following:

  • Optimisation, integration and validation of state-of-the-art prototypes and commercially available PnP prefab solutions for use with thorough renovation.
  • Demonstrating and promoting innovative on-site processes for quick and profound renovation projects with little inconvenience for residents and a significantly improved quality of indoor environment (IEQ) after completion.
  • Measuring, monitoring and validating P2ENDURE product and process innovations, based on real thorough renovation demonstration projects.
  • Providing solid evidence of the accomplishments and qualities of P2ENDURE solutions while providing scalability and replicability at district, city and national level.
  • Guaranteeing market introduction and upscaling of P2ENDURE innovations during and immediately after the project.
  • Spreading the knowledge and results of P2ENDURE and establishing and strengthening synergies with other national and EU innovation activities.

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Partners of this project: DEMO consultants, Becquerel Electric S.r.l., 3L-Plan Lenze-Luig Architects, Invela, Bergamo Tecnologie SP Z.O.O., Fasada, Fermacell GmbH, SGR Servizi S.p.A., RINA consulting S.p.A., Mostostal Warszawa S.A., Universita Politecnica de Marche, Technischen Universität Berlin, Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa, Panplus architectuur, Camelot vastgoed Nederland BV.