People who use a building largely influence energy consumption and waste. Often the users aren’t aware of their consumption and don’t see how their behaviour influences energy consumption. MOBISTYLE will change this!


MOBISTYLE aims to lessen energy consumption and stop the waste of energy in our buildings. Most modern buildings are equipped with advanced building automation systems and sensors measuring vast amounts of different data types of building performances (mostly related to energy performance of buildings or thermal comfort). These data however are usually unavailable or incomprehensible for the users of the building, especially for the residents.

Comprehensible data

MOBISTYLE links information about energy consumption to information about for instance quality of indoor environment, personal health and more. This information is processed in an accessible dashboard or game and presented to the users. By using these tools the users gain more insight in their consumption, but there is more: they receive tips to improve their behaviour. This way energy consumption is reduced, and a healthy lifestyle is promoted/motivated. 


MOBISTYLE wants to increase consumer awareness and promote behavioural change by offering attractive, personal information and tips about energy consumption, indoor environment , health and lifestyle through a dashboard or a game. Offering understandable information about energy, health, and lifestyle  will motivate the users of a building to change their behaviour. It offers consumers more and continuous incentives instead of only information about energy consumption.

The dashboard and the game are now being demonstrated in five countries: Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands (amongst others in our Zuid office).

Want to know more? Check out the MOBISTYLE project website.

Partners in this project: DEMO consultants, Maastricht University, IRI University of Ljubljana, Aalborg University, Politechnico Torino, Holonix, Highskillz, Whirlpool, Tauron Polska Energia.

MOBISTYLE office app

We all want to be healthier and more productive in our environment right? But how? In the office of Huygen we started with dynamic indoor climate applications to see how such conditions affect people’s well-being, productivity and as well building’s energy performance.

We developed the MOBISTYLE Office application for the Dutch demonstration case. This application aims to improve the users awareness. With its tips and information provision, it improves energy efficiency and productivity in the offices. The application introduces users to the dynamic indoor conditions in a for them understandable way. It makes the invisible interactions between the building and occupants visible to them, the building users. The application educates people about the benefits of the dynamic conditions: improved personal health, the building’s energy efficiency and improved indoor quality. The testings in the Huygen office are ongoing but the building occupants experience so far is promising.

We will keep you updated on the progress and relevant results coming from this demo site. For now, take a look at the demo site via the video below:

The photos below show a more detailed overview of the MOBISTYLE office app. Employees can see the information about their indoor environment and also give feedback. The office app also shows the dynamic indoor profile.