The electricity needs per household will increase further as we start to use more and more appliances, switch to (electric) heat pumps for our heat supply and use electric bicycles, scooters and cars to an increasing extent. Better coordination and distribution of electricity consumption at a local level will reduce the load on the grid. This increasingly demands control of the use of heat pumps, electrical appliances and storage.

FODEO focuses on maximizing the self-sufficiency of energy at a local neighborhood level by facilitating residents in organizing, financing, technically realizing and operating a local energy infrastructure. This will lead to a new local market for the trading of locally generated solar energy, which will increase the willingness of individuals to invest. This can also lead to a more optimal use of sustainably generated energy and savings on expenses in the energy network.

FODEO wants to investigate how we can optimize the over- and underproduction of the maximum locally sustainably generated energy of PV panels in the neighborhood Oosterwold in Almere. In FODEO, we look at both the optimization of generation and the use of locally generated solar energy based on a new local energy trading mechanism.

In FODEO we work together with Poinselot, VillaVille, Spectral, ABB, Ideate, J-OB and Nedstack.