Building Physics

Building physics and installation engineering are inseparable. Building physics is an essential part of a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. To turn an architectural design into a success you need a comfortable indoor climate. Therefore it is necessary that the building physics of a building are of high quality. Huygen has specialists for this discipline. Especially in the field of heat, humidity and light, but also for sound and acoustics. A lot happens in cooperation with the architect and sometimes also with consultants specialised in building physics. We always base our building physics on the principles of the Trias Energetica.

Our consultancy-firm calculates and judges ‘PMV-comfort calculations’ based on the theories of Professor Fanger, summer comfort calculations (TO-calculations) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)-calculations. We also use comprehensive tools to calculate field measurements in existing and improved conditions. We perform comfort calculations and take infrared images of buildings and installations in order to gain insight in heat leaks. We measure the energy efficiency of buildings based on the legal based Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC)’, the GPR (Dutch Environmental Guidelines), BREEAM, and an energy rating.

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