Why a consultant?

You have plans to (re)build or renovate. You have a question regarding existing or new installations. You are planning a reallocation. In all these cases it is wise to work with a building services consultant. Why? Please allow us to explain.


With an installation consultant in your team you will always be ensured expert advice. We focus on knowledge development and carry out research for companies, research centres and governmental institutions. Our experts possess all adequate knowledge to assist you during all steps of the process.


We observe the complete building, instead of looking at just one part. This way we can offer solid advice about the applicability and effectivity of installations. With our complete approach we bring together the best of both relevant worlds. Leaving space and creativity for all partners to reach the best results.


With an installation consultant you are always ensured of independent advice. Your interest is what is most important. We always ensure the best value for money.

Why Huygen?

You can count on us! We are there for you during every step of the process. You can confidently trust our experts with the care for the installations in your building. Together we build healthy and future proof buildings.

In projects we are decisive and energetic: we are a driven partner. You are never alone: even in difficult situations we will be there for you. It is no wonder clients refer to us as outspoken and involved. We aren’t satisfied until we can deliver added value. Our experts are here to talk, ask questions, clarify. They are there for you.

But we can’t do it alone: the success of a project depends on a good and confidential relationship with clients and project partners. That is why we invest in a constructive atmosphere and long-term relationships. Working hard comes first, but working with enthusiasm is just as important!

We like to work on complex, innovative and ground-breaking projects. We are energised by buildings that tell a story, have a creative background and special reallocations. It is our passion to use engineering to create safe, functional and healthy buildings.

Why Huygen?

For healthy future proof buildings: a sustainable, better and safe living and working environment for everybody

Which installations best suit your building? How do these fit the architectural concept? Which have the highest quality? Important questions! Installations are of vital importance to ensure a healthy and future proof building. Complicated? It doesn’t have to be.

Our consultants are here for you during every step of the process: expert, independent, with an integral approach.

What we do

We develop healthy and future proof buildings! Our engineering and consultancy firm specialises in technical installations and building physics. We like to work on complex, innovative and ground-breaking projects. We also research sustainable energy supplies, construction methods, energy reduction, comfort and the behaviour of the users of buildings. Together we realise projects that in the future will make our children and grandchildren proud. That idea motivates us daily to keep renewing and improving. 

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