Job opportunities

Since 1939 Huygen Engineers & Consultants is associated with cutting edge projects. We are characterised by our quality, expertise and innovative power. Our company has around 60 employees and has locations in Maastricht and Utrecht. Working in teams, sharing knowledge and coaching are our most valued business principles. Our high-quality consulting services apply the complete field of installation engineering. Our focus is on healthcare, education, special non-residential construction and industry. 

At Huygen you will advise about all aspects of installations. Quality (what does the client want) and independence play a central part. You develop concepts and determine the structure of installations in coordination with the other design team members involved.

Our project managers are involved from the start in the basic setup of the design. They will manage the engineering and development specifically and expertly. The engineers will take care of engineering, manage the designers and draw up tender documents. Our aim is to please our clients. All members of the team play an essential role in this process. The graduates as well as the consultants at Huygen.

We like to supervise our young professionals ‘on the job’ as much as possible and coach them towards the function of designer, project manager or consultant. At Huygen we encourage and support our team members to attend relevant postgraduate training.

Interested to work with us? You will find our job vacancies below.