Towards circular loops!

Towards circular loops! But how do you take the first step? This was the theme of the workshop we gave at the annual meeting of the project managers of real estate of Dutch Universities, at Maastricht University. Together with about 90 project managers from different universities in the Netherlands, we brainstormed about the next steps towards circular real estate.

Our goal during the workshop was to take a different look at buildings and assignments. No longer hindered by "business is usual" but let's think: "How can we go circular?" We’re not (just) talking about the dot on the horizon. Every step counts! We make the difference by looking at what is already possible.

So we started working together and looking for different solutions. From solutions with the most impact to solutions that are easiest to implement.  We also discussed the challenges for construction technology and tender procedures. To get started with circularity, step by step.

It was an inspiring afternoon full of valuable and out of the box ideas.