Do you have solar panels? Do you generate exactly the amount of energy you need? Mostly not. Often there is an over- or under-performance compared to the own demand for electricity. But suppose that energy trading was possible with other residents in the area where you live. This would lead to less over and underperformance of the solar panels.

At the moment this isn’t applied yet or made possible by the electricity law. The use of energy storage systems such as batteries and hydrogen systems can stimulate mutual exchange in order to optimize use for your own needs.

We will soon start with a new research project: FODEO. In this project we work together with Poinselot, VillaVille, Spectral, ABB, Ideate, J-OB and Nedstack. FODEO is based on an area approach and the local strength of the residents. We use a “honeycomb model” for this. This is an organic and easily scalable growth model that can be expanded step-by-step by optimally matching demand, supply and storage of energy. In this way, an important contribution can be made to both increasing the energy autonomy of the residents and reducing peak loads on the local energy grid.

Read more about FODEO on the project page.