Who we are

We are an engineering and consultancy agency specialised in technical building installations and building physics. We are autonomous and independent. Our activities are mostly focussed on building-related mechanical-, control-, transport-, electrical-, communication- (speech, data, visual) and safety installations (fire alarms and sprinklers). Process related utility installations for industry and research environments are also part of our portfolio.

Besides engineering and consultancy we also do research. Currently, together with our (inter)national partners, we are working on large European and national research on the reduction of energy consumption/CO2 emissions, health, indoor climate and continued development of BIM.

Our vision

A healthy living environment and climate change are important issues. Issues that impact you and us, personally as well as business wise. The built environment in which we live impacts these issues in a great way: We must reduce the use of fossil-based energy and improve comfort and safety. For this reason there is a great for need developing and applying relevant know-how and new ways of collaboration. We feel responsible for achieving this. There is a reason clients refer to us as outspoken and involved. Outspoken because it’s in our nature to adopt a strong position and to bring lots of energy into a project. Combined with our great involvement this makes Huygen a driven partner for building owners and developers. Together we realise projects that will make our children and grandchildren proud. This motivates us to keep renewing and improving, every day.

"outspoken and involved"
Our mission

At Huygen we aren’t satisfied until we’ve added value. Each of our sixty experts wants to contribute substantially to a sustainable, better and safer living and working environment for everyone. Together we can make this happen thanks to:

  • Focussing on knowledge development and applying this to (re)developing buildings.
  • Knowledge about technical systems and knowledge about the process of development, realisation and continuation.
  • Strong involvement with our clients
  • Independent advice.

We are convinced that the success of a project is strongly related to a good and confidential relationship with clients and project partners. We like to invest in a constructive atmosphere and long-term relations based on transparency and commitment. Our healthy and stable business serves as the foundation that offers continuity and space to constantly develop and fulfil ambitions. Ours as well as yours.